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You can now download Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev or Beta for Apple M1

What’s new and how to download it

Time has not stopped yet and September is over, with Windows 11 launching in early October and it will officially come out on October 5th. Therefore, Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 11 for all users of the Windows Instar program, upgraded to version 22468.

Before we get into the changes and upgrades to this release, it has been pointed out that, according to Microsoft, all construction on the RS_PRERELEASE Branch Development Channel will expire on October 31st. The reason why people in Redmond are encouraging us to update this structure, which does not expire before September 15, 2022.

Changes and improvements

  • By clicking on a VPN connection from the VPN settings, we can now see some statistics about the connection.
  • A new option has been introduced to turn off the display of recent searches when hovering over the search icon in the taskbar. You can change this option from Taskbar Settings> Taskbar Behavior.



  • Fixed a strange bug related to loading the network icon that could prevent the browser from starting.

To search

  • Improved the ability to display flyouts when hovering over the search icon in the taskbar.
  • We went to the search icon in the taskbar with the keyboard, now the latest searches floating control is not displayed.
  • Options should now work properly when right-clicking on recent files that appear when searching for certain applications such as Word.

File browser

  • Fixed a bug when opening the submenu like “Open with” when the context menu unexpectedly disappears if you right-click on OneDrive locations from File Explorer.
  • Double-clicking to open a network folder will not connect to Quick Access instead of opening it.
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How to download version 22468

To download it, you need to check Settings> Windows Update> Updates. Note that you must be registered in the Dev or Beta channel of the Windows Insider program to get these configurations.