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New World is already an event in Twitz, even Pokemon Unite - Nert 4.Life

Can’t swim, but nothing stops me from going underwater –

In New world Can’t swim, but you won’t have any problem due to different design choice Walking underwaterUntil you run out of oxygen.

As reported PC GamerThe island of Eternum has many lakes, ponds and rivers. In some cases the water is so deep that a normal person can not cross them except for swimming, a feature that is not present in the Amazon Games MMORPG, at least not yet.

However, in these cases you can cross a lake or river by walking underwater as if nothing had happened, as you can see in the short clip below, but be careful not to drown without water.Oxygen Of character.

In the presence of this indicator, it seems that the developers plan to add animations related to swimming and diving in the new world, and then only to drop or postpone everything.

New world Available for PC. According to the developers, a possible console version will not come in the future. Meanwhile, the introduction of the Amazon Games MMO has attracted many gamers, requiring long queues of hours to access game servers. To make up for it, Amazon offers free server transfers.

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