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Smart glasses coming from Facebook and Ray-Ban - D3N - digital pioneers

Smart glasses coming from Facebook and Ray-Ban – D3N – digital pioneers

Smart glasses should have the classic look of Ray-Ban. (Image: No Call /

Mark Zuckerberg has reaffirmed that the intelligent glasses developed in collaboration with Ray-Ban will be the company’s next release in terms of hardware. But he never revealed again.

It is almost A year ago, That FacebookHugo Barra on Twitter Collaboration with Ray-Ban Had teased. In 2021, the partners announced intelligent glasses that follow a classic design sequence.

Little has been known since then. The suspects have already written off the smart glasses, however the number of employees has increased dramatically Facebook Reality Labs DivisionThose in charge of hardware related to virtual and augmented reality spoke out against it. Within four years, Facebook had expanded its reality labs to 1,000 to 10,000 employees.

Brilliant Ray-Pan is slim – but chic

During a conference call, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg confirmed he had not forgotten the device. Rather, it is the company’s next hardware release. Zuckerberg could not or could not name a temporary perspective.

Zuckerberg addressed the issue of smart glasses. Then he looks inside Mixed reality, So the future of virtual and developed reality. He considers mixed reality to already be a social platform ideologically.

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“But we see compulsive use cases and other forms of entertainment, work, creativity and fitness. The next product release is the introduction of our first Ray-Bon smart glasses in conjunction with the Eisler-Luxotica,” Zuckerberg said at the conference call. Allow you to do things.He noted that he expects “complete augmented reality glasses in the future.”

This clarifies what is already suspected. The brilliant Ray-Ban is just like that Amazon Echo FramesThose who like pose frames or Razor Fear Being. As Zuckerberg says, it’s not clear at first what the “pretty big things” that the brilliant Ray-Ban can do. If you want smart glasses to be at least competitive, you can expect to be able to use them to make calls, listen to music and operate voice assistants. However, interest in such a product is low.

Zuckerberg’s vision of Facebook hardware becoming part of a larger “metawares” is likely to meet a moderate response considering the data security implications of such a scenario. Zuckerberg understood that Metavarsam A virtual environment in which people can work, socialize and spend money, i.e. a more three-dimensional Internet where one can communicate and the boundaries between reality and virtual disappear immediately. It’s hard to imagine that Facebook will win people’s trust and make themselves explicit in such a metaware.

Zuckerberg should certainly see these difficulties, but apparently sees them differently. Because social networking projects are seamless in this direction – one of them Smart watch A job is already underway on Facebook.