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Skyrim fans are re-creating Riverwood, and the result is incredible - Nert 4.Life

Skyrim fans are re-creating Riverwood, and the result is incredible – Nert 4.Life

Walheim: Skyrim’s Riverwood re-created

Walheim and Skyrim They are two different games, but both are based on the same Nordic fantasy films. So a fan of Bethesda’s opera was inspired by this connection and created the village within Walheim. Riverwood The Elder Scrolls 5 players meet as a dragonborn in the early stages of their adventure. As you can see Images At the beginning and bottom of the message, the result is truly incredible.

In particular, the Reddit user who shared two pictures of his work within Walheim can talk about “Literary Grinch” Skyrim screenshot for quick comparison Between what he created and the original version. You can see for yourself that the similarities are incredible: the only differences are the result of Walheim’s style, and they do not run on the same graphics engine.

Nothing is missing from LiteralyCringe’s Riverwood: The timber mill with its water wheel, buildings made of wood and straw, the river flowing in the center of the village is filled with a bridge and a strong wall. Areas near the village have also been truly rebuilt. This is a remarkable achievement considering that Walheim is not yet complete and options for new content and new customization will follow.

The author says it took a week to rebuild Riverwood in Wolverhampton Not finished it yet, Especially with regard to the interior. He promised to renew the community as soon as possible. So we should only wait until his mission is over.

If you are interested in understanding Because Walheim was much appreciated, Here is our specialty, in which we talk about the secret of its success.

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