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Astra is coming on March 2nd

Astra is coming on March 2nd

Written by Fathi ztürk

The character pool in Valoront is growing and growing. Now there is another option available on March 2 for tactics. The next episode of Season 2 begins and Astra joins them. Riot released a trailer showing their talent.

The new agent assumes the role of support as regulator, and “can use his abilities to use the forces of the universe to influence the battlefield,” the statement said. It is important for developers to create a character that can keep an eye on the entire map in order to disrupt and prevent the opposing team’s tactics.

Astra’s capabilities

The future agent is definitely one of the technically demanding ones that Valorant has to offer. First you need to open the map to place the stars from a bird’s eye view. The stars can then perform various functions from the map or from a running game.

  • X – Astral Form / Cosmic Divide: Changes the shape of the astronomy, and shows a map where you can place the stars.
  • e Nebula / Dispat: Smoke bombs on the star.
  • F – Provides a placed star for reuse after a short cooldown.
  • Q – New pulse: Blast the star to stun nearby enemies.
  • C – Gravity Well: Attracts and explodes all enemies in the area, making enemies vulnerable.
  • Ultimate: Astra puts a noise across the entire map and catches noises and projectiles.

Changes in rankings

A new map is not yet in view, but new skins, friends and sprays to customize your own hero. Most importantly, however, are updates that benefit ranking matches. For example, starting with the next link, players keep their quality after the end of an action. What is particularly pleasing to newcomers is that low rated players are now allowed to play with a wide range of high quality players.

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Agents’ automatic voice notifications are also expanded. Tactical voice overs now receive detailed information. So when it says “enemy spot” or “spike spot”, the agent also refers to the location on the map. This should allow those who do not have a microphone to contribute more to the game.