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“Skeleton Night in Another World” gets an anime adaptation

Japanese publisher Overlap announced today KnownThe fictional light novel “Skeleton Night in Another World” (Japanese: “Kaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadima Izekai e Odakakechu”) receives an anime adaptation. The first trailer can be found below.

Start date still pending

The series is produced by Katsumi Ono (“Kirley Air Force”) at KAI and HORNETS Studios. Takeshi Kikuchi (“Ragnastric Angels”) gets the set of the series, while Duru Imanishi (“Kirley Air Force”) contributes to the script. The music is composed by Isa and Subasa Ido. Start date is currently pending.

Arc is played by Tomoki Mano (Natsuku in “Lock Horizon”), I Firus as Arian Gulenis Maple (Alicia in “Full Dive”) and Nene Hita as Ponta (Yusu in “Tomosaki-Kun”).

The original light novel was written by Enki Huckery and has been published by Overlay since June 2015 with illustrations by KG. Akira Savano’s manga adaptation began in February 2017. Seven Seas Entertainment publishes both works in English.

Order in English:
>> Light novel
>> Manga




A player falls asleep and then wakes up again as his character in his game world. But he accepted not only the powerful abilities and weapons of his character, but also his appearance! An adventure in a wonderful new world awaits him as he becomes a walking skeleton!

© Enki Huckery, Overlap / Skeleton Night Project

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