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Microsoft OneNote

8 identical Android apps to download from Google Play

If you are looking for the right note taking app on Android, you have come to the right place. Are here Excellent alternatives to notability Available in the Google Play Store, find them!

The Technology Has grown in leaps and bounds, which is why it can carry with you to this day Pocket tools Efficient enough to increase your productivity. One of them Significance, Which was designed Add written notes, audio, graphics Follow yourself Work activities.

This system is similar to the one provided Goodnotes, But like this site, it is only available for iOS operating system. For this reason, many people are looking for similar apps on Android to download from Google Play. If you want to know Excellent alternatives to notability, Read close to your screen.

5 best apps for focusing and being more productive

These are the best alternatives to notification for Android

  • Knowledge
  • Evernote
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Joplin
  • Notzilla
  • Simple note
  • Google Keep
  • Notebook

If you are one of those who take notes regularly or who like to avoid weight in your backpack Use your mobile or tablet as a working tool, These Significant category options They will be very useful for you. Do you want to know them? Before!


Knowledge An excellent Multifunctional application Who can help you in the workplace and at study? Its function Like remarkable character, The only difference is that it is available Android operating system.

Between him Functions and features The most notable are the following: Optical pencils, Fonts, colors, opacity, Adjustable sizes, Text boxes and so on. In addition, it allows Record audio and video Under one Very organized interface.


Evernote Became Perfect pocket organizer, Its notes allow you to take your notes everywhere, Define working hoursCreate and share important notes from work meetings or projects.

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In addition, you can through this application Create notebooks in different formats, Includes audio and video, Scan and scan documents, Merging files, Make to-do lists, Reminders and even Sync your information With all your devices.

Microsoft OneNote

Share and save your ideas with Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote Is one The best alternatives to remarkableness Of course, we could not stop referring to her. it is a Very useful digital notebook Where you can Make notes, Keep notes, Take screen shots, Share your work, your thoughts and more.

Its interface is very convenient and will help you stay More organized With your daily activities. Undoubtedly, this is a very functional pocket tool, especially if you want to carry one School Homework Test Or work meetings.


Joplin is one of the alternatives to notability

Free app to create notes on Android

As we speak Free Android Apps Yes Like remarkable character, We see Joplin. This is a very useful site Make notes, Takes notes and performs pending tasks in an organized manner.

This allows, Copy, label and modify Anytime from the comfort of your mobile. If that’s not enough, he agrees Sync with all your devices.


Nottila is a usage similar to Significance

Notes and reminders with Nodila at any time

Notzilla Another is better Alternative à Significance, Because your computer allows Create notes and reminders From any Android device. His The interface is very minimalEasy to use, and you can take your notes and install Labels and colors To distinguish them.

In addition, you can Set alarms, Add pictures, Photos, Team and Organize your tasks if you like. Above all, it includes a widget that allows you to place small notes on mobile notes without opening the app.

Simple note

Simplenote is an application similar to Significance

The simplest way to take notes is with a simple note

As the name implies, it is a Easy to use Who agrees Digital note creation, Captures, Task lists, Sharing activities and so on. It is very easy to use, Arranged It is available for Android Completely free.

Thanks Simple note, You can take all kinds of notes, know the ideas that come to mind and organize them according to your taste and preferences, Labels and pins. You can as if it were not enough Share and collaborate Create syncs with other colleagues Backups Your information at the desired time.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Capture your thoughts with Google Keep

Google Keep It’s so much Similar to absolute and significant. This is a site Create, add and share tips and ideas, Can also record voice notes, Schedule meetings or meetings, Add colors, labels, it can be easily synced with computers, tablets and any Android mobile.

Just as it is not enough, so can you Include audios, locations and videos in your notes Fill in the information and share the content with friends and family.


Close this list Excellent alternatives to notability, A Notebook. That’s one Notebook and digital notes You can take it anywhere. Your goal is to keep yourself Organized activities and tasks Available at any time without having to carry a lot of paper with you.

Among the characteristics that distinguish it, we have: Creating card types, Create checklists, Record voice notes, Registration Conferences, Draw maps, Add pictures, Scan documents, Attach PDF / Microsoft Word files…, above all, it supports Customization of your digital laptop.

As you can see, these are the 8 most popular apps and Like the announcement to download on Google Play Completely free. If you liked this article, feel free to check out these 7 Best Goodnotes Alternatives for Android. If you care more about the topic of organizing, check out these calendar apps to organize these days.

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Productivity apps that you can not miss on your mobile

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