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OnePlus watch test: Connected watch somewhat successful

OnePlus watch test: Connected watch somewhat successful

The OnePlus Watch comes with a mobile app. But time is a bit tight. The app for our test is not available on iOS, and only on Android via the APK provided by the manufacturer. In fact, the version available in the Google Play Store is only available in certain parts of the world, but not currently in Europe.

Otherwise, the application is divided into three parts. The first is dedicated to health and compiles data collected in the form of tiles. We must acknowledge that the aesthetic work is successful and that we enjoy browsing this section to access our heart rate, sleep, SPO 2 or stress data. Each tile can be run to provide additional details to the user.

The second part called fitness allows you to directly follow a game session on the smartphone, which is very detailed as the watch has its own GPS. However, game sessions can be analyzed here after the fact. Finally, the third part is devoted to the management of the clock, its interaction with the application, the choice of dial or the selection of notifications received.

In short, the OnePlus Health application is currently very basic, but pleasant to use and consult.

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