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Sur la seule journée du 15 janvier, Signal a été téléchargé 7,7 millions de fois.

Signal News was downloaded 47 million times in two weeks

A controversy surrounding WhatsApp led to an almost 10,000% increase in installations of this app.

The US encrypted messaging signal is growing faster than ever. From January 4 to 17, the signal was downloaded 47 million times worldwide, according to data from the Censor Tower Institute, which specializes in mobile application data.

This huge number represents a dramatic leap in the popularity of the app. In the previous two weeks, from December 21 to January 3, the signal was installed on only 491,000 devices. So the growth is more than 9500%.

This success does not stop there. According to Censor Tower, the signal was downloaded 3 million times on January 14 alone, and 7.7 million times the next day! So newcomers convince their friends to install the application in their own way.

The telegraph is also growing strongly

Signal takes full advantage of the controversy affecting Facebook’s rival news organization WhatsApp. Since January 4, the latter has warned its 2 billion users to accept the update of the Personal Data Processing Policy for continued use of the app. This confusing word update has sparked distrust on WhatsApp, which has been accused of sharing its users ’data with its Facebook parent company in order to feed marketing profiles.

This global bad buzz is also benefiting the Russian Telegram. The latter was downloaded 33 million times from January 4 to 17, a 150% increase compared to the previous fifteen days. Here again, the wave is far away. Telegram was installed on 2.5 million devices on January 14 and the next day on 3.7 million devices.

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WhatsApp is on the rise again

Facebook vehemently denies that WhatsApp protects the privacy of its users. The U.S. team explains that it is considering updating new tools for companies that want to use messaging as a channel for their customer service. In an effort to put out the fire, the renovation was postponed to May 15 instead of February 8.

According to Censor Tower, WhatsApp downloads were 19 million from January 4 to 17, up from 22.8 million in the previous two weeks. However, the number of installations has been on the rise again for some days: 1.5 million downloads on January 15, up from 1.2 million the previous day.