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Shortly before Samsung's conference, OnePlus highlights a strange folding smartphone

Shortly before Samsung’s conference, OnePlus highlights a strange folding smartphone

This is called having a sense of time. Samsung’s Galaxy Unlocked event will allow us to find out Galaxy Z Fold3 AndZ Flip3 From every angle, OnePlus has decided to remember the good memories of its fans. Accounts Twitter And Instagram The company has released a short video showing Americans actually not mentioning the smartphone so far. August 11 marks a title and date at 4pm, similar to the Korean Conference.

We found a device with a screen folded. On closer inspection, however, these are thought to be two screens connected by a hinge. Each area shows the same wallpaper, showing a galaxy. A hidden reference to its competitor.

A serious project … or a joke?

Reminiscent design Surface doubles Microsoft or even LG dual screen, The shell that will add a second screen to your smartphone – the G8X Thin Q, in 2019. It could be an accessory that the company wanted to highlight with a touch of humor … or simply a desire to attract attention when the entire movement community is focused on Samsung.

We may legally wonder why the brand does not want to give so much importance to such an important announcement. We contacted OnePlus in France and their representative had no further information on the matter. So we will wait for the lucky hour to find out what it is.