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Everything you need to know about Windows 11 

Windows 11 is now official, with a new look and a lot more, after being introduced during Microsoft’s big event on June 24.

The new version, which incorporates the Fluent design language and other features, is available for download and use through the Insider channels on PCs that meet the minimum requirements. The Microsoft Store has also been revamped to support Android apps from the Amazon App Store, allowing you to download TikTok and other apps.

There are still plenty of “foggy” parts in the process. Like how the upgraded Insider build will preform and what Microsoft is confirming with other manufacturers and users, but we’ll be sure to keep this page updated with everything that has been confirmed thus far. The latest insider release brings back the search bar to the start menu, as well as better taskbar multi-monitor compatibility and bug fixes.

There’s still some ambiguity regarding what Windows 11 requires for your PC, owing to a component known as TPM, but Microsoft looks to be working on it. While we wait for more information from Microsoft, here’s all what we know: 

When is Windows 11 expected to be released?

Windows 11 will be available “this holiday season,” according to Microsoft, meaning that it would be delivered between late November and Christmas.

Similar to Apple’s efforts with macOS, the new operating system will receive an annual upgrade.

While Microsoft provided a tool to evaluate whether your desktop PC or laptop will be able to run Windows 11, it was discovered to be flawed, providing false results for systems that would be able to run the update without problems.

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A new tool, however, has been released that provides significantly more information about whether or not you have an eligible PC.

Microsoft looks to be hinting at a Windows 11 release date in October. Several pictures indicate the date as October 20, with annotations suggesting that many people are looking forward to “turning it up to 11 in October!”

How much will Windows 11 cost?

Existing Windows users will be able to download, install, and activate Windows 11 for free; but, to download, install, and activate Home editions, you’ll need to be online, and to install or update your PC or tablet, you’ll need a Microsoft account.

So far, Microsoft has published the Windows 11 hardware requirements, but there is some confusion over TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and if the company is pushing machines to upgrade too quickly.

Gaming better than ever

The clumsy and frustrating-to-use Xbox software for Windows 10 will be replaced with a new Game Pass program that allows you to buy, manage, and remove titles, making it easier to access and download games ranging from Doom Eternal to – soon – Halo Infinite.

HDR will be enabled on compatible machines as well, giving greater lighting and contrast for gaming and watching movies. Direct Storage is also available, which allows you to download and install major game assets even faster than before, allowing you to experience your games even more quickly.

With many more gaming features included in the brand new windows 11, gaming is going to be put on a golden pedestal. Not just the downloadable games, but the online/browser based games as well. With the upgraded softwares, the RAM distribution will be optimized, so for everyone who’s using Chrome (like most of us) will have a better experience. The tabs will load faster, the videos won’t lag, and games such as Book of Ra 10 will run smoother than ever.

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Windows 11 features

Microsoft promises that updates will be 40 percent smaller and that Windows 11 will be “the most secure release yet.”

The taskbar has been renamed the dock, and it now supports both touch and mouse input.

Snap Layouts, a new multitasking tool that allows you to arrange multiple windows across the screen in columns, sections, and other ways, adds new multitasking choices.

In Settings, there’s now a much-improved health check app that suggests things like dimming the screen, altering the battery’s power saving mode, and more.

Snap Groups is another feature that allows you to return to previously snapped windows from the dock, allowing you to switch between your email app, Edge browser windows, and other apps without having to snap them back to the prior view.

Multi-monitor support has also been improved, so Windows 11 remembers the previous positions of the windows on that display when you attach an additional monitor.

Windows Upgrade even has an estimated installation time so you can see whether you need to wait until later in the day to update your PC.

Teams is also linked to the dock, letting you join meetings and family conversations with ease. Because Skype sounds were heard in the demo when a call was received, this appears to be the first hint of Skype’s demise on Windows.

The Microsoft Store is receiving a makeover, with better-curated content and new ways to manage your purchased shows, including mirroring them to your TV. Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Pinterest, and other apps are now available in this new Windows 11 shop and ready to use.

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WPA, EWP, and Win32 apps are now available for download through the Microsoft Store. If a developer has a commerce engine, they will be allowed to keep 100 percent of the Microsoft Store money.

TikTok and other Android apps are also available for Windows 11 and can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store or the Amazon App Store, letting you use them on your PC or tablet.

As a result of the new store, which might arrive after iTunes and Safari, other applications, such as Apple’s iMessage, could be brought to Windows 11.