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Torre Annunziata - Il Pd napoletano "scarica" il sindaco Ascione: "Voteremo 'no' al bilancio di previsione"

Torre Angiatta – Neapolitan BT “unloads” Mayor Asion: “We will vote ‘no’ to the budget”

We emphasize the need to make that clear Democratic Party This management experience a Torre Annunziata Should be considered tired. ”

This is the clear and concise statement of the Commissioner of the Democratic Party of Torre Anunciada. Paulo Persico, Towards the current administration of the city.

“The actions taken by the mayor in recent weeks – the press release continues – do not coincide with the problem of problems arising from the events of the past few months. , Duty to listen to the demands of social forces and associations, the need to take up the relentless struggle against illegality and comorbidity.

The Democrats’ verdict against the mayor was negative Vincenzo Askion In recent months. A distant departure began after the resignation of former councilor Lorenzo Diana, followed by Public Works Councilor Stefania Gioso. Already at that point the party’s neopolitan leaders had asked the mayor to resign. What for Ascione He never thought in the distance what he was doing.

“We have chosen to pursue the mandate – continuing the note – first and foremost and then try to satisfy the confusing and contradictory pressures that negatively affect the political and programmatic profile of the left and left, undermining the credibility of our creation. Verification of Participation Procedures, when appointed by the Renewal Council, is the direct opposite of the examination taken in January.

At the time of my appointment as Club Commissioner I received an order from the Metropolitan Secretary and the Regional Secretary: At the heart of Torre Annujiada’s political difficulties – thanks to its history and militant heritage – the place where voters can signify at its disposal, reaction and new ability to respond to the crisis of democratic representation.

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This selection (distance from municipal administration, Version) Will be unequivocally expressed in the vote on the budget, at which time the Democrats will announce their withdrawal from the majority. We will immediately work on a completely different political perspective, starting with concrete issues.

In the next few days I will be busy expanding and presenting the framework of program plans to be submitted for comparison with the national and civic bodies of members, militants, center-left, voters and associations: listening is a systemic feature of a new Pd Torrese.

The issue of proper study of supra-municipal systems does not escape me – Persico’s report concludes – but I equally believe the widespread awareness of the need for profound change in our territories if we are to overcome the challenge. The ambiguity and shame of the next election risks undermining the work of the regional government and the role of our responsibility and proposal in the national government.

From today a new phase of clashes begins in PD between our party and the city.

Failure to approve the 2021 budget could lead to the early dissolution of the city council. The question to be resolved is how many of the Democrats’ 6 municipal councilors will joinAuto Auto Of the party.