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League releases Putin to EU parliament after Navalny's arrest in Russia: "unacceptable affair"

League releases Putin to EU parliament after Navalny’s arrest in Russia: “unacceptable affair”

The days when Matteo Salvini photographed himself in front of the Kremlin in Moscow seem long gone. The league has decided to withdraw itself from Vladimir Putin with a speech handed over after the arrest of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, who returned to Russia about five months later to drink poison in Germany. Marco Sunny, MEP and Chairman of the Sovereign Committee on Identity and Democracy in the European Parliament.

Atlantic Sunny: America’s “Reference Point”

Johnny declared that the international community had condemned Moscow and praised it in the name of defending civil and human rights, saying “what has been experienced in recent months in the Navalny affair is unacceptable. Respect “should always be at the center of relations between member states, the EU and third countries”.

A preface to the next turn in the Atlantic force: “To remain fully credible in these demands – continued Johnny – the EU, however, must have a common approach with all third states of cooperation and dialogue, condemn uniformly and unanimously treat misconduct with Western allies and the United States. In conjunction, they see it as a point towards the Atlantic.

Following the US announcement of “optimism”, European leaders, following a critique, reached an agreement “on a policy basis” with China on investments later this year, after seven years of negotiations. “What happened in Beijing is not a good example – Sunny added: although respect for human, civil and political rights in China has not been confirmed – as confirmed by events in Hong Kong, Brussels has decided to sign agreements with the regime, closing one’s eyes to protect one’s business interests.

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