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Shocking accusations against Cuomo, Biden throws him out and asks him to resign

Shocking accusations against Cuomo, Biden throws him out and asks him to resign

Andrew Cuomo Now he is really trembling. Internal inquiries launched by New York State Attorney General Lydia James confirmed the poor predictions and reached shocking results: the governor “sexually abused many women, many of whom were young and violated state and federal laws.” At least eleven people were affected.

Not only that: Cuomo, with a clear abuse of power, retaliated against those who tried to report such harassment, creating an “atmosphere of fear and intimidation” within his offices. These are the most serious charges, they foretell the most serious crimes, and this will soon lead to the governor’s indictment by the New York Judiciary with charges of a criminal nature. President Joe Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats are among those listening to Cuomo’s resignation. Many are asking for dismissal: “One step at a time,” Biden retorts. But until a few months ago, in the midst of the epidemic, it was enough to dictate the end of the political career of a man who was to be seen as the future national leader, perhaps planned against the then President Donald Trump, heading towards the White House.

Now the governor opposes and denies the allegations. Shaking openly, he defended himself on live TV: “I never touched anyone in an inappropriate way”, he stopped, not holding back tears. “I’m so sorry, but this is not me. I kiss on the forehead, on the cheeks, men and women. Sometimes – he continued – I call people love, darling, sometimes I say jokingly, but the purpose is only to comfort them, not sexual harassment. And for those who want to use this moment to insult and legitimize me, I look at my daughters with a calm, clear conscience. “

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Cuomo showed a series of photos showing himself affectionately with various personalities, including Biden, and then underlined that his kisses and hugs were part of a gesture derived from his family and his upbringing, as well as “Hello beautiful! 2. But after the governor’s eleven-hour hearing, lawyer James’ report On page 165, a picture is drawn that defines it as “very disturbing”: “not isolated incidents and incidents” but a typical picture and a role model among women accusing the governor of a current employee of New York State, a former employee, a state police officer and an employee of an energy company.

“Our investigation – the state attorney general explained – how did Cuomo find so many women he consented to, kissed, hugged, without their consent?” And harassing them again with “irrelevant” comments. Many of these incidents took place in the governor’s office rooms. He denounced James for defining “courageous women” as “heroines,” a behavior that “distorts the structure of our institutions and highlights the injustices that lurk even at the highest levels of our government.”

Meanwhile, the first to open a criminal investigation was the District Attorney of Albany, the capital of New York State. Cuomo, 63, one of the most influential Italian-American families and the son of Mario Cuomo, the former governor of New York State, was critical of the number of Govt victims in nursing homes. Official numbers will be reduced to highlight New York State’s virtuous response to the epidemic. On the handle

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