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Shipo – Coming to PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox on October 20th

Welcome to the Intercalactic Species Database – Your first day job today, we have a mission for you: Go to an unknown planet and save all life from extinction! Top Hot Studios announces pacifist metroitvania Goat Indie developer Kyle Thompson on October 20th PlayStation, Nintendo Switch And Xbox Released for $ 10.99 / € 10.99 / 9.89 and can already be pre-ordered with Switch and Xbox! The game will also be released as a real native next generation game with special features for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS.

Shipo is a humorous Metroidvania platform with a unique twist: there are no static battles in its game. You play as a zoologist who takes the shape of a goat and explores the unknown planet Zebron to save it from extinction when the star of the planet lands and collects samples of the creatures that live there. To catch a creature, Sheepo must find its eggless egg, which is protected by the queen of this species … Sheepo was first released on Steam on August 26, 2020 and received rave reviews with 99% approval. Users’ ratings on media such as Steam and Screen Rand rated the game 4.5 / 5 for its addiction and touch game:

With each egg you collect, you gain the ability to interact with that particular creature, which allows you to explore the deeper parts of the planet – you dig, fly and teleport through a series of interconnected levels. Green landscapes, hidden shrines and ancient ruins, and strange residents tell their own stories. Can you save the zebra creatures and people before the star destroys the planet?

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Sounds like a lot of work for your first day at work. The good news is, Zebronian Day is 8,000 Earth Days! The bad news is that you will get paid after Zebron Day.


  • Metroidvania Pacifist Platformer: In a beautiful, unique twist of the genre, Shipo doesn’t have battles – you catch these creatures to get them!
  • Tight platform with smooth controls. You play as a shepherd and the various creatures with which you interact. The game will be new as you continue to learn the movements of each creature!
  • Travel through a vast landscape with many hidden rooms and characters. Explore old mines, abandoned shopping malls, lush forests, dirty sewers and more.
  • Collect 75+ Hidden Feathers (Planet’s Coin) and spend the last remaining store at Dead Mall.
  • Non-linear game. As you explore, find the eggs and get more changes. Sheep’s world opens up quickly, so you can choose your own path. Meet the locals and find out what is happening to the planet Zebron.
  • Heart-warming, beautiful aesthetic, a strange soundtrack to accompany you on your adventures.
  • Buy Cross-Pie at extra cost on PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Series X
  • Available in English, German, French, Traditional Chinese and Japanese

Next Generation Shortcut

Shipo will offer a free own crossover for PS4 / PS5 at no extra cost. The next generation version of the game is powered by new PlayStation innovations with exclusive features for new platforms such as 4K display, 60 fps + design, Speedron leaderboards, ample balance, PS5 functional integration and many more. If you buy the game for one generation, get it for the next generation – at no extra cost.

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The next gen version of the game will feature exclusive features for the new Xbox platforms: B. Smart Delivery, Cloud Save Sync, 4K Display, 60 fps + Design, Speedron Ranking, Rich Balance and many more, the new Xbox Series is backed by X / S innovations. Buy the game for any generation of Xbox and get it for others!