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Seven tips and hidden features to fully enjoy YouTube music

Seven tips and hidden features to fully enjoy YouTube music

There are plenty of sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Streaming Music. Given the list of topics that everyone can compare, they often differ from each other by the features they provide. Everyone has the freedom to choose what they want.

But YouTube Music (which is one of the new services with Apple Music, both launched in 2015) is a special case. In its paid version, this service is integrated with the YouTube Premium offer, which allows you to watch videos without advertising and screen off content in the background. So, if you are a heavy YouTube user, only the Premium offer will work.

If you succumb to the temptation of YouTube Premium and drop Teaser or Spotify to switch to YouTube Music, you may need some time to grasp the features of the operating system.
To guide you, you will find tips and hidden functions below that will definitely help you to use the service at your fingertips.

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1. Improve recommendations

Even if YouTube Music asks when you recorded to select multiple artists to define your music tastes, the site’s recommendations may not always be very relevant.

To improve your recommendations, there are several solutions. You need to click first Thumb up or down Indicate whether you like or dislike the song you are playing. YouTube Music’s Recommendation Algorithm feeds your preferences to improve the way you recommend songs to your taste. Do not hesitate to express your opinion while reading a passage.

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Just like you recorded, you can also tell YouTube Music about new artists to suit your taste.

To do this, select yours Incarnation Top right and access Settings. Then enter the menu Suggestions And meet Get the best recommendations.
Scroll through the suggested artists, select the artists you like and tap OK Confirm your choice.

YouTube Music suggestions will now reflect the new artists you have selected.

2. Search for a song by its lyrics

If you know the lyrics of a song but do not know the title, you can enter some lyrics directly and search on YouTube Music. Tap the magnifying glass icon to access the search engine and then enter the lyrics of the song.

3. Delete your search history

YouTube Music does not provide incognito mode (as in Google Maps) if you are looking for a slightly shy track that looks too good to be true திர்லிபின்பொன், By the late Carlos, this topic is now in your search history.

Fortunately, it can be cleaned. To do this, press your Incarnation And meet Settings Of the application.
Then enter Confidentiality and geography areaAnd then inside Manage search history.

Your Google Account data management page will be displayed To confirm Below you can verify your identity using your password to access your entire history.
To remove it permanently from your history, simply press the small cross associated with your search.

4. Get up on YouTube Music

If you use an Android smartphone and use it as an alarm clock, be aware that it is very possible to raise the sound of your favorite YouTube music playlist.

To do this, open the app Clock From your smartphone (Google’s), set and press the alarm as you usually do Default ringtone.
In the window Alarm sound When that appears, select YouTube Music Choose the song, playlist, album or composition you want to get out of Morpheus’ hands.

5. Create joint playlists

Creating only playlists can quickly become very boring. If you’ve been around in circles and always feel like listening to the same music, why not create a collective playlist? YouTube Music actually offers this option, which allows you to provide playlists to many people.

Go to the tab for this Library. Then go to the menu PlaylistsPress New playlist Give your playlist a name.
Select the amount of privacy you want to give in this playlist and press the button To create.

At this point, you can only run it. Now open your playlist and tap the icon A pencil Edit it.
In the window that appears, press To cooperate And activate the option Collaborators can add titles and videos.
Then press the button To share And pat the way you want to share your playlist with your friends.

Once they click on your playlist link, they will be added as collaborators and can contribute to this playlist.

6. Download your custom offline mix

When you do not have an internet connection, it often happens that you want to listen to music. If YouTube Music, like competition, offers the opportunity to download songs locally to listen to offline, the risk of ending up listening to the same song all the time is high.

Why not allow YouTube Music to take care of your choice? The app actually has an interesting feature, which, when activated, downloads a playlist with collections of songs that will be updated over time based on the songs you like.

Press your Incarnation And go to the menu Downloads. Then press the icon shown A sprocket Change your settings Downloads.
Then activate the option Download Offline Mix, Adjust the slider that appears to set the maximum number of tracks you want to upload to a specific mix.

Close the settings by tapping on the small cross at the top of the screen. Logically, YouTube Music should immediately download a mix of songs that will delight you based on your suggestions, your preferences and your previous listeners.

7. Ask at the highest quality

Nowadays, fiber-fast connection speeds and mobile data envelopes allow you to listen to a considerable amount of your music by streaming it at its highest quality.

To ensure that you are always listening to your music at a high level, press your pressure Incarnation And access Settings Of the application. Then enter Download and save Then in the section Audio qualitySelect High. Everything you listen to right now will be streamed to the highest quality on YouTube Music.