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Second developer preview of Android 13 here! That’s all he understands.

A second developer preview of Android 13 is now available. Google has announced the arrival of this second Opus in the preliminary version of the new version of the system, which, according to the official update schedule, should be the last preview for developers before moving on to the beta stage.

The second developer preview of Android 13 was defined by Android engineering VP Dave Burke as “enhancing enhancement with additional features, APIs and behavior changes”. Therefore, it is expected to introduce some interesting changes compared to the first version.

The first mobiles will start getting Android 13 by the end of summer

Download Android 13 Developer Preview 2

Android 13 Developer Preview 2 is available for all pixels released after 2019, including Pixel 4 and 4XL. It can also be installed on the latest models of the family, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

You can install Android 13 DP2 on compatible mobile today by downloading the factory image or OTA file associated with each model:

What’s new in Android 13 Developer Preview 2?

First of all, Google announces that all the changes in Android 12L have been incorporated into this second Android 13 Developer Preview. So, those who decide to install the new version on their devices can see all the improvements in the Android version. Purpose for larger devices.

On the other hand, a new type of permission has been introduced that allows the user to decide whether or not to send notifications to an app.

Bluetooth LE audio support and text rendering enhancements in non-Latin characters are also included.

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