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Serious Doubts on Reality Show - Libero Cottidiano

Serious Doubts on Reality Show – Libero Cottidiano

Ida Platano and Marcello Messina They returned Men and women? The gap between them seemed certain, but exciting blindfolds were coming from expectations. The two apparently parted ways during the October 4 recording. By the choice of the knight who – according to Il Vicolo delle News – would have said stop.

To the amazement of both men and women, Gemma sank into the studio.  Gavettone, Tina Cipollari reduces it like this

He takes care of it OnionsHowever, to blame Ida – again according to the author – is always ready to bring out the flaws of men she knows. Platano argues with Marcello and then goes to the center of the studio. Eventually he decides to go behind the scenes. Marcello did not follow her. Maria de Philippi He points out that Ida is not at the border, but makes it clear that he does not want to go behind the scenes. A detail that cannot be escaped from the audience.

Where I will intervene.  Plastic surgeon Tina Cipollari insults frostbite for men and women

However, the public can always be on Marcello’s side, not on the side of a truly divisive Ida who continues to divide public opinion. “He said he followed the path of Ida and Ricardo: so he saw that there were fights between the two of them. If he did not like her character and behavior, why should he come to court for the studio? what will happen? We will know in the next few days when the episode airs.