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FIFA 22 on trial – next gen can be exciting

Even today the goal is to “greet FIFA Animal every year” … after all, for the 27th time. Since September 27th, we have been able to test the presence of pre-orders FIFA22 Plugged. From October 1, everyone was allowed to run PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S. Or Google Stadia. Every year some innovative innovations are announced, including. You can find out if our test can live up to EA expectations.

We were given a PS4 / PS5 key for testing purposes.

But too chic?

I must not disappoint anyone who expects a great optical leap across all platforms. EA focused “only” on the next generation, and the PC version fell once again. Compared to the older generation consoles, the FIFA 22 is quite refreshing overall in the most powerful models. So you can see the animations of the respective players in close-up. Accepting the ball is very real and allows for one or another small mistake, which still makes one or another disappointing moment even more realistic. Of course, this is made possible by the newly introduced Hyper Motion technology, but we’ll be doing this on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Google can only enjoy the Stadia version, which is a shame. In addition, FIFA 22 brings with it new cut shots, namely corner kicks, which are not the plus non-ultra of innovations, but bring fresh air with them. Upgrading to new generation consoles definitely means that it is useful here.

You can see here what is really inactive in hyper motion technology

Many small inventions, but by no means a milestone & then these keepers

As already mentioned above, FIFA 22 brings other innovations with it. For example, it is now possible to create female virtual advantages in a pro club playing on mixed teams. In career mode you can now build your own team in training life. In the final mode, the competitors section is revised and a lot more. All of these innovations are good but only bring some fresh air to FIFA 22. Every year there is one thing, the keeper “problem”. While the defenders keep their box clean at the highest level for most of the game, the “light” moments keep coming back again and again. In some cases, a full-size shot that was considered safe was scratched from the line, but the next moment the ball would roll down the corner or the ball in a corner at 16er would accidentally get lost by our last man.

1x coach should go
Game Flow and optics

FIFA 22 feels more powerful than its predecessors, but only on consoles as it supports hyper motion technology. In a direct comparison between the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, the FIFA 22 looks like an update to older generation consoles. It should be on other consoles as well as PC. The PC version is very incomprehensible because we believe that the PC version in particular offers more opportunity. In short, get something for your money on the next gen consoles, but the older generations and especially the PC version is graphically completely empty, an awful EA.

Volta colorful and bright
What can we expect?

FIFA22 is undoubtedly a true Fifa part, which definitely has the sophistication and polish that every player in the series expects. Real stadiums, our favorite players, signature commentators we love every year. But at the heart of the game is a game machine that feels safer than ever and strategically more complex competitor Pro Evolution Soccer is “expelled” into a free-to-play reserve. So it is not fair to compare the two topics directly with each other, but one thing can be said: with FIFA 22 after many years of minimal innovation, we finally get a part of this series.

FIFA 22 on trial – next gen can be exciting

Our decision

FIFA 22 does many things right, but does some wrong. With the new branches of the series, we get a remarkably refreshing and highly captivating football experience for the next generation. However, at the same time, the “old” consoles and PC version fall by the wayside. So if you want to fully enjoy all the innovations, you can not ignore the new generation consoles. Still worth watching in front of all the fans of cultivated football.

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Manager mode brings a smooth transition between simulation and gaming

Improved goalkeeping game in order

Very Intensive Gaming Experience (next gen only)


“Old” consoles and the PC version were clearly ignored

Serie A teams and several national teams have been eliminated

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