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Big Brain Academy: Kopf an Kopf

Series Returns – Nintendo Announces Big Brain Academy: Nintendo Switch – Endeavor

Big Brain Academy: Gets small gray matter cells from head to toe on the toes

Fun game for smart leaders to be released on Nintendo Switch on December 3rd

  • With challenging exercises, players train their mental abilities – alone or with others
  • Synopsis game, with flexible scale difficulties, is aimed at the intelligent mind of all ages and experience
  • The first trailer of the game shows what thinkers can expect

There are hard nuts to crack before St. Nicholas Day this year. From December 3, players can play Big Brain Academy: Head to Head For Nintendo Switch Show what their tiny gray cells can do. That’s how it looks The first video for the game On the officer German language YouTube channel from Nintendo.

At Big Brain Academy: Face-to-face, up to four players take part in a number of fun competitions that test their thinking machine and their reflexes. Professor Lobo, your presenter and director of sports, is by your side with valuable notes. Thanks to the difficulty of adjusting individually, young and old can test their memory, analytical skills and more together.

Central Game of the Big Brain Academy: From head to toe there are five different types of brain teasing: Vision, Memory, Analysis, Algebra and Pictura. The brain is challenged in new ways with recreational tasks. Four bright minds can compete with each other through local connectivity from the Nintendo Switch. Anyone who downloads other players’ data from the internet can compete with super brains from all over the world. Online activities require internet access, Nintendo account and paid membership Nintendo Switch Online Required.

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In addition to multiplayer game modes, Big Brain Academy offers a variety of options for solo songs: Head to Head. Solo mode is great for daily training units that improve your “brain count” – a fun way to start the day or finish the evening. With the Nintendo Switch, Brain Teaser can happen anywhere, anytime.

Here is an overview of the different game modes:

Multiplayer: The aim is to collect more points by completing tasks faster. Up to four players can compete head-to-head. Which choices are pending depends on the degree of difficulty selected. All participants can choose their own level of difficulty. For example, children are more likely to be against their parents.

An exercise: If you haven’t won the Super Brain Multiplayer Battle for the first time, you shouldn’t be hanging your head! In training mode, all tasks can be restarted. If you improve your skills in this way you can progress beyond the game in the next multiplayer match against friends and family, excuse me.

Test: In this mode, players are tested in five different categories and strive to score high. In the end, Professor Lobo gives you your “brain values”. Those who regularly test themselves receive game coins that can be used to open clothing for their own avatar. After all, brain training is even more fun when you dress up as a kitten.

Fighting: In this way, the masterpieces can compete against the so-called “ghosts” of other brain teasers. You can compete against the demons of local players or against players selected by friends or online from all over the world. Whoever rises in the rankings shows his talents to people across the head … oh … global!

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So, Wear Thought Hats: Big Brain Academy: Head to Head is a fun brain teaser for individual and multiplayer fans with nutritional value to the brain. In addition to the tasty nuts, the most cunning head nuts will also crack this winter!