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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories 2, the demo is available on the Nintendo iShop

Capcom, as planned, The Monster Hunter Stories 2 Destruction of Wings Available now Nintendo iShop. Nintendo Switch owners can download the demo version immediately, save the game and then transfer your progress to the full version of the game, expected July 9th.

Monster Hunter Stories 2, Contents of the Demo

Demo Monster Hunter Stories 2 Destruction of Wings Designed to contain players Taste that is the beginning of the adventure. In the first stages of the campaign we will have the opportunity to actually try our hand, including accessing the writing editor, testing the combat system and Advances to level 11. The demo version has a 2.8GB “weight” and, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, will allow you to convert the storage to the full game.

Unlike the final structure, it must be observed. We have only one place to record progressAgainst the expected three. Further, Can’t try multiplayerNot locally or online, so in that case we have to wait to start the game directly. We will not see There is also no support for amoebae, Reserved for the title in full form.

Finally, changing the storage will allow you to open it Amulet of bond in Monster Hunter Rise, Effective knight and will be useful to implement wide area skills. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is expected to launch on July 9th.

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