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Select Product: Download Old Tasks

Select Product: Download Old Tasks

Old Abidur exams are downloaded for free

Old Abidur exams are free to download for exam archives.

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Many students use the well-known Red Stark books to prepare for their final exams, exercises with old exam assignments. But almost all the exam questions from Abidur are available as PDF documents absolutely free. For example, the Quality Development Agency in Education offers a free download of the most important Abyssal Lessons from 2017-2020.

The State of Bavaria also provides a complete selection archive of Mephis with old dissertations, for example in Mathematics. If you want to prepare specifically for Abidur in mathematics, you should also use the website Here you will find not only almost all exam questions from the federal states of Bavaria and Hesse since 1976, but also detailed video solutions to each question.

Selection archive for all types of schools

Not only will Abidur take place soon, but there are also final exams at the high and middle school. If you are looking for old exam questions, you should try a web application called VirtualSecreFang. Abidur has a selection archive from various federal states from the last ten years, including middle school dropout certificates and eligible high school dropout certificates.

Behind the project are teams from Fractenstadt and Wikimedia Germany, who aim to make old exam questions free and accessible to everyone in the future.

Practical applications for learning

With Study Smarter you will receive the well-known Red Stark books in digital form.

With Study Smarter you will receive the well-known Red Stark books in digital form.

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In addition to the old exam questions, there are numerous applications for smartphones that support learning and save a lot of time and, above all, nerves.

For example, if you like vocabulary training and quiz, it is better to use quiz. Here you can not only add your own vocabulary, but also use existing ones from a database. So learning is possible not only at home with the textbook, but anywhere on the go on your smartphone.

Ability is also great for summaries on personal topics. The application provides a kind of learning forum for exchange between students. There are presentations, summaries and many other documents that other students can share for free with the Ability community.

We can also recommend the Study Smarter app to prepare specifically for exams and exams. There you can easily upload your own learning materials and access them from anywhere using the app. Thanks to the detailed statistics, you can regularly evaluate and improve your learning success. Another plus point: StudySmart has red stark books in digital format.

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