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Mercedes C-Class, anticipates the introduction of stolen shots - Auto World

Mercedes C-Class, anticipates the introduction of stolen shots – Auto World

First published photos of the new generation Mercedes C-Class, German sedan to be officially unveiled during an online event on February 23rd. On the Facebook page Automobolist And on the Twitter profile CarsInPixels Some displays are actually looking forward to the global debut and confirm the design that combines the new C-Class with the latest models of the German brand. In fact a detail that has already been confirmed The latest teaser Announced by Mercedes, in which the online release date of the new model was announced.

Mercedes C-Class, the new teaser in view of the introduction

Thanks to the use of the new Modular Rear Architecture (MRA) operating system, the new generation Mercedes C-Class will offer a fully electrified range, which will also introduce the 48 volt mild hybrid a variant plugin mix Most importantly full electrical autonomy can be guaranteed. The first rumors were 100 km. Confirmed existence More performance versions were signed at AMG Although it is possible to replace the V8 with a star with 4-cylinder hybrid 2.0, with a total power of at least 500 hp.

In the footage posted on the internet, you can also see the interiors enjoying the introduction My new Mbux infotainment system Introducing the new S-Glass, with a vertical OLED screen. The 3D digital instrument panel will be added to the magnified reality on the head-up display. Farewell only to the touch screen, communication with the multimedia system will only happen through the touch screen. An important update regarding safety and driving assistance systems should have been made with the updated introduction Drive pilot technology. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art sensors and autonomous driving systems developed in conjunction with LG, the new Mercedes C-Class steering wheel should allow hands to sleep long distances even at speeds in excess of 120 km / h. Wait until January 23 to know all the details about the new Mercedes C-Class.

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