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Seeker is the new agent who can play in the rock company

Seeker is the new agent who can play in the rock company

Starting today, the new agent will be operated by cross-platform shooter Rock from Seeker High-Res Studios. Like all other agents the new one can be opened for free by playing enough matches.

At just 21 years old, he became an Olympic celebrity in archery. The young exceptional talent not only attracted the attention of the public, but also came to the attention of the Rock Company.

He was personally recruited by the director and is now set to play a decisive role in the attack on Jacqueline’s underground site, which will be the action scene on the new “Krotos” map.

Seeker excels in this field because he can provide important information to his team. With his characteristic bow he will shoot an arrow scanner, which will let his team know the opponents. In addition, he can place adhesive sensors in strategically important locations and attack his opponents with concussion grenades.

Aside from his murder count, he is guaranteed to elevate his team’s mood through his sober behavior.

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Andre Witch

The madman on the team can test everything that comes along, even if it is Barbie’s best horse adventure (which he would like to test). If he had been born before, his sense of humor would have been in a Monty Python movie. In addition, as a true Bavarian, he thinks nothing of happy cold drinks.