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Riapertura Fiumara fase 3

A woman who was struck by electric shock, the Fumara escalator is back in operation

Genoa. It will start again from today Escalator at Fumara Shopping Center, Two days ago a woman suffered an electric shock. He fell to the ground and was red-marked at 118, and he was taken to Villa Scotia Hospital for checks.

“Immediate technical inspection by the maintenance company, in the presence of the fire brigade, found ASL officers and the management of the shopping center, the proper functioning of the system, the integrity of all its parts and the lack of electricity,” Fumara’s management wrote in a note.

Therefore, the staircase will be operational again today: “Further – the message continues – all elevators and descents are regular and Bad checks To ensure stable operation and safety “.

“The safety of the shopping center, customers and operators is subject to constant scrutiny and attention – including management -.

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