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google play store modalità scura

See Play Store, Google offers 1 euro credit for purchases

Occasionally Google lends a few euros to its users, to spend Google Game Store To purchase apps, games or other content.

During these hours, some lucky users get a notification in the Google Play Store. The prize is 1 euro, Can be restored immediately.

Under the full terms of the offer, the offer will only be available to certain users based on their purchase history, and credit must be received by December 23, 2021. Credit Euro It can be used to purchase apps and games, including app-based purchases that cost more than 1 euro.

As mentioned, credit can also be used for in-app purchases, in this case it should be understood that the cost should not exceed 1 euro. Discounts are used by Google If paid by Google Play Store And, of course, this can only be used as a single solution.

You have borrowed since Google? Is this 1 Euro Credit or is Google generous to you? You have a comment box to tell us about your experience.

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