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Iliad Flash 150. How to activate (new and existing customers)

Iliad Flash 150. How to activate (new and existing customers)

Elliott Flash 150

Iliad introduced the new offer “Flash” Elliott 150. The best Iliad offer is called Flash 150 from today and costs 99 9.99 per month. This offer is limited to the time of implementation. Anyone wishing to join the Iliad Flash 150 must do so after 11 January 2022. Post posted on UpGo We are here to answer all Key questions about this new offer. We will be updating this guide for the Iliad Flash 150 in the next few hours and days, so if you have any other questions about this new mega offer you can ask them in the comments section below or directly. canale Telegram UpGo 4Fan.

What does the Elliott Flash 150 expect?

With a very brief summary of the highlights of this great “Christmas” offer from Elliott, we tell you:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 150 Gigabit web browsing
  • 7kg in EU roaming
  • Access to 5G network
  • € 9.99 per month

As we said, the offer is cheaper than the fourth mobile operator.

How does Iliad Flash 150 work?

This offer is implemented directly at online and Iliad stores. By clicking on the banner below, you can go directly to the webpage dedicated to the offer. As mentioned, the expiration date for this offer is: January 11, 2022. Activists have been told by that date. Ratio He will not be afraid to redesign. With Iliad, we remind you that all charges will always be. And real.

Do I need 5G to use Iliad Flash 150?

No. Among the Iliad Flash 150 offer and all other Iliad 5G offers, the presence of 5G technology is yet another opportunity. And of course not an obligation. This means that if you have a smartphone compatible with 5G Iliad (unfortunately not all of them yet) and you are in an area covered by 5G on the Iliad Privacy Network you can take advantage of this new technology (high speed and very low latency). But if one of these conditions does not occur, you need not fear. Your smartphone New Sim Iliad Will continue to operate under 3G and 4G coverage.

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Change the program to Elliott Flash 150

E, unfortunately this is a very hot issue Posted on the 4Fan Telegram channel at this hour. So this project belongs to the “Flash” category, so it is usually aimed at new customers who decide Go to Iliad Or run the brand new sim with the new number. Who already has the Iliad, who already has the sim of this manager, Unable to subscribe to new offer. However the Iliad recently opened Change the plan for existing customers It is available exclusively at the Iliad Giga 120 rate, which always costs 9.99 euros per month. In short, if you are already a customer of Iliad, you can switch to the 120kg monthly plan and not up to a maximum of 150kg. Too bad.

Iliad Flash 150 for existing Iliad customers?

Therefore, for existing Iliad customers, the Iliad Flash 150 offer is not available. The fact is that those who are already subscribers to the operator founded by Xavier Neil can bring their SIM to another mobile operator for a “triangle” or a few days and then return to Iliad. Completely practical choice.

However, as mentioned, we will update this guide again in the next few hours by posting other questions that may arise in the UpGo community. If you have implemented this offer and you are already a customer of Iliad and you are satisfied with your current payment, let us know what you would do.