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Augustro's Cleaner: Download Android Cleaner for free

Augustro’s Cleaner: Download Android Cleaner for free

Smartphones often have the same problem as PCs: old data accumulates faster in memory than is removed manually. These can be not only old chat histories or temporary files, but also unused images and copies. If junk files are not deleted regularly, it can have a negative impact on the performance of the device – not to mention the fact that sometimes the memory is simply full.

To avoid this, there are many applications that free up cell phones from unwanted junk files. Augustro’s cleaner is particularly efficient – the application is up to date Free on the Google Play Store Available – It saves 0.5 0.59. Special feature: The 4.5-star app on the Play Store includes a dedicated WhatsApp cleaner.

Keep in mind that we can only reflect on the current status of such free ads and have no influence on the developers’ decision to terminate them in advance if necessary. You should always check when downloading whether the offer is still valid.

“Cleaner by Augustro”: Automatic Trash Remover for Android

There are many useful tools in clean application.

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Augustro’s cleaner can be set so that the smartphone automatically cleans up junk files at regular intervals – daily, weekly or every five minutes. It is also possible for the cleaner to start cleaning when the data exceeds a certain amount of memory. Automatic startup is recommended from 512 MByte, you can set the limit higher or lower yourself.

Another very useful feature is that the app can also clean up WhatsApp. Messenger is one of the most popular apps on many smartphones. Especially in group chats, but otherwise, large files accumulate over a long period of time, which is often viewed only once and then never viewed again. If these accumulate, they unnecessarily take up storage on the device. Augustro’s Cleaner removes photos and videos from your WhatsApp chat – you can choose whether to delete sent, received or only two types of pictures and videos.

The “Cleaner by Augustor” usually costs 9 0.59 on the Google Play Store. You can currently download the app for free.

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