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Windows: Microsoft will not allow you to download Chrome silently

Windows: Microsoft will not allow you to download Chrome silently

Do you remember Internet Explorer? This browser was very useful after the (reinstall) installation of Windows because it allowed you to go directly to the Internet to download the latest version of Firefox or Chrome. Situation that is the source of many jokes and memes.

Since Edge will be used by less than 4% of users by 2021, almost 65% will experience more or less the same fate as Chrome. An unwelcome issue for Microsoft, which has invested in providing a reliable browser like its competitor in Chromium.

Microsoft strikes again

To prevent users from switching to the competition, Edge displays a special notification when you go to the Chrome download page:

  • “Microsoft Edge uses the same technology as Chrome, in addition to Microsoft’s trust. “
  • “This browser is 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge. “
  • No one said, “I hate saving money.” Edge is the best browser for online shopping. “

These announcements, made by Neowin, seem to appear on some PCs equipped with Windows 10. This may be a feature of its own as messages do not appear as regular announcements or pop-ups.

Over the past three years, Microsoft has been experimenting with various ways to reduce the number of people who download the alternative browser. Many attempts are in the draft stage, but Redmond wants to increase gears to avoid user leakage.

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Source: theverge