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Sainz contro il videogame F1 2021: “Bello scherzo”

Science Against F1 2021 Video Game: “Good Comedy” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1

“I’m not that slow”. Explosion of the current Interstriker Romelu Lukaku Dedicated to football and E.A. It has gone viral against the ‘FIFA’ video game created by Sports. Although this is only a video game, it is obvious that the protagonists in the flesh do not want to be distorted on a virtual level, not only from the marketing question, but also from pure pride.

F1 2021: Official Video Game Trailer – Video

The official F1 game, ‘F1 2021’, will be released on July 16. It was created by the codemasters, but this year it will be released on EA. Distributed by Sports. Regarding the ratings assigned to the pilots Carlos Science It was in the lap Instagram Comment on the official account post. “Well, good humor, now the actual ratings have been released”, The caustic words of the Ferrari driver did not want a non-standard ranking towards him, or were in any case too generous to other drivers.

Science, in fact, is rare Tenth Only one point behind Leklerk (who Discover our in-depth analysis dedicated to the F1 2021 Rankings), with ninth-placed Monegas. In front of Scoteria de Maranello’s two regular bearers are Hamilton-Verstappen (rated 95), Botas (92), Norris (91), Casley-Ricciardo (90) and Alonso-Vettel (89).