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4 apps to keep in my suitcase

4 apps to keep in my suitcase

Your smartphone is a real toolbox for the holidays. Convenient, it will always be with you, and WiFi can be connected anywhere at no extra cost. To host a carefree summer, here is a selection of free apps for Android and Apple devices.

1) Citymap, find public transportation in major cities

Citymap is essential for finding a car-free city. With this app, you can not get lost: It shows you all the modes of transportation around you (metro, bus, tram, but free access bicycles), with real-time tables CityMaper operates in about fifty cities around the world. The utility will accompany you on your travels in France (Paris, Lily, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Bordeaux …) Like the whole world: London, Rome, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Hong Kong …

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2) Ulis, drive quietly on the motorways of France

Vinci Autorots informs motorists traveling on its network (4,443 km) in real time with Ulysses. Create an account in the app to benefit from valuable information on the way to vacation. You know where to park, the services provided and which leisure areas are covered. Ulysses also refers to traffic on motorways, giving you access to network webcams and allowing you to get started An SOS in an emergency. The app also gives you free coffees in the motorway leisure areas!

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3) Here we go, Le GPS International operating without network

A good GPS is essential wherever you are. The place we go to offers maps from around the world, so you never get lost. Even if your smartphone does not have any network, download your favorites before you leave to consult. The application guides the user and calculates the paths Maps, in the “satellite” or “project” version, with higher earth location accuracy. She can help you book a taxi.

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4) Google translates, must be understood everywhere

Ordering a dish or asking for directions overseas is not always easy. By downloading the languages ​​you need before you go, Google Translate works as an instant translator and works offline. For that you can order sentences, take a photo of the text or write the words in it. It is a screen that translates to your preferred language. A practical tool if your broker does not use the same characters.

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