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Save now on Movies, Listen, Music and more ·

Save now on Movies, Listen, Music and more ·

The date is set for June 2021: Amazon is not confused, already getting discount offers and services for those interested in shopping in a bargaining mood.

It starts very early this summer: The Prime Day 2021 On Amazon Is now official June 21 and 22, 2021 Scheduled.

Here are some good tips for Prime Day all year Video:

Streaming Tips of the Week: Paternity and many more

Prime customers only benefit from Prime Day

To take advantage of the offers coming this summer, you need to have a prime subscription. This can be done online at short notice and once Try for free for 30 days. You can do that in general Save when you pick up an Amazon credit card, But often get more credit when booking on or shortly before the prime day.

Current: PS5 is again available in a package with O2 and Netflix, Sky Ticket or O2-TV

Amazon Subscriptions: Prime Video, Music Unlimited, Audible and many more offers

Even before the hottest bargain days, Amazon offers you some savings recommendations:

  • Cheap Movies and Series: Until then 50 percent discount on digital store images and series on Prime Video, For example “Spider-Man: Far Away from Home” or “Chernobyl”. Additionally, you can get selected classic images for 3.99 euros each (now even more). More about this offer You can read it with us.
  • This weekend: Images to borrow for 99 cents.
  • Very unique: Three-month Starsplay and other Amazon channels for 99 cents. Valid until June 22, 2021 only.
  • Amazon Music is unlimited: Prime members who have not tried Amazon Music Unlimited can access more than 70 million songs and millions of podcast episodes without commercial breaks Four months Use for a long time for free
  • Prime Gaming: Prime members can immerse themselves in Battlefield 4, which is available for free from Prime Gaming for a limited time. Until June 20 and beyond, Prime Members will receive a redeemable voucher in Origin for the standard version of “Battlefield 4”. In this section you can still Find more free games.
  • Audible: Prime members save 70 per cent on their audible subscription for the first six months and pay only 2. 2.95 per month.
  • Kindle Unlimited: Prime members can enjoy the first three months of their membership for free.
  • In the days of bargaining, we will re-create an amazing success list of the best offers for you, so create a bookmark so you do not miss Prime Day on
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This includes the benefits of Prime subscription Video:

Voucher bargain and bill not available until July

  • Vouchers of different brands: Prime members receive June 11 to 20 Offers on different brands of coupons and can save up to 20 percent.
  • Amazon coupons: Under the link you will find additional offers on everyday items, electronics, clothing and more. Coupons can be easily activated and discounts are deducted on renewal.
  • Monthly Bill: Purchases made in June can only be paid into the account until July 14th.

Discounts on Amazon brands and fashion

  • Amazon Fashion: 20 percent discount on styling corrections of your favorite influence. You can find the latest deals on Instagram, Where else?
  • Amazon brands: Up to 20% discount on home and electronics, sporting goods from Amazon Basics, Hummy & Eno, furniture for all rooms from Alcove, Rivet & Movian, pharmacy from Solimo and personal care products and snacks from Amazon’s own brands. Happy Belly
  • Prime wardrobe: If you have 100 euros or more worth of products in your first prime wardrobe, you save 15 euros – terms of use apply.

Get a loan of 10 euros per prime day

Amazon works with a variety of sales partners, including small and medium-sized companies from around the world. Who exactly The He wants to support himself with his purchases On this page Look for such companies on Amazon. If you can ask Alexa, tell her: “Alexa, buy from small and medium companies”, then she will do it for you.

If you are in between June 7 and 20 If you find what you are looking for, you will receive a ten euro credit for this purchase, which you can use on Prime Day.

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Have you heard anything about the 2021 cinema year? You can use the quiz to find out if you missed something:

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