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Nintendo Switch: Serious firmware error makes downloads impossible

Nintendo Switch: Serious firmware error makes downloads impossible

You are currently purchasing downloadable titles and DLCs from Nintendo EShop at your own risk.

Earlier this week, Nintendo had a smaller and numerous version Firmware-Update 12.0.3 Published. Some players now report not being able to download certain games, DLCs or patches since the update because Error code 2123-1502 Appear. Others are said to have lost access to content that has already been downloaded due to an error code.

Affected users do not experience error with all downloadable content – some downloadable, some not. Replacing owners who have already purchased and successfully downloaded games from the update may also be affected by the error in the future.

Nintendo has not yet publicly commented on the issue. As long as it is You must not purchase paid content from Nintendo EShop, Because no one can guarantee that you can download them. Some users report that they cannot download full paid titles due to an error and therefore cannot use them and that they are exempt from Nintendo customer support.

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