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Traffic lights on Google Map, modification of Nvidia Shield TV and better MIUI project

Traffic lights on Google Map, modification of Nvidia Shield TV and better MIUI project

Did you not have time to follow the news yesterday? Here are the highlights of Friday, June 18th: Traffic lights on Google Maps, Nvidia Shield TV’s transformation and Xiaomi’s big project make its interface much sweeter. Without missing any message, think Subscribe to the Frontroid Newsletter.

In Europe, traffic lights are coming to Google Map

For the past year, some US users have been using traffic lights on Google Maps. This feature is slowly starting to come to Europe – Especially in Spain. This allows you to see the location of traffic lights in the mapping service and in traffic navigation mode. I hope France gets the right soon.

Nvidia Shield TV is starting to convert from Android TV to Google TV

Shield TV Multimedia Box launched in 2015, signed by Nvidia, Benefits from updating its interface powered by Android TV. Although we can see small differences compared to the Google system, here we are again dealing with the shift towards Google TV. This is the third update to the device since 2015.

MIUI: Xiaomi is introducing a great program to make its interface much sweeter

Much appreciated by a large number of users, Xiaomi’s interface, MIUI, remains perfect though. Depending on the device, it does not offer the same quality and the same severity. The Chinese team wants to fix this, And created a working group that takes into account the views of its community.

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