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Samsung wants to release Android 12 and OneUI 4 very soon

Samsung wants to release Android 12 and OneUI 4 very soon

After the introduction of Android 12 by Google in the AOSP version, Samsung wants to move forward and deliver on its smartphones.

The beginning Android 12 For many years Google did not follow the classic calendar it implemented. Usually, from the spring beta, many smartphones entered the beta before the fast computer release in late summer. Instead, we have Android 12, whose beta is highly secretive, extended over time and its deployment has not yet begun in October.

Google started well AOSP version of Android 12 To allow manufacturers and developers to radically modify their work for the new version, but to date, the company has not yet provided Android 12 in its own pixels. The situation, which appears to be unsatisfactory for Samsung, wants to provide a quick deployment on it Galaxy smartphones.

Launch Android 12 on Galaxy before 2022

According to Samsung, the company wants to use Android 12 as a standard version. “By DecemberOr in a few weeks at the time of writing this.

For Android 11Introduced by Samsung Standard version for the Galaxy S20 on December 14th in France. So the company seems to want to make up for Google’s delay in not changing its calendar and should have the habit of releasing the new flagship version of the system in December on this year’s flagship systems.

Samsung already offers Android 12 beta with One UI4 interface On some of its smartphones. The news released by Samsung indicates that the calendar is still uncertain. The The new Galaxy opens on October 20th May have the opportunity to learn more.

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