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Mysterious Blue Box application postponed, new activation date -

Abandoned Preface A full PS5 game, comes with a trailer –

Blue Box Game Studios will be talking again. The developers shared the new information on Twitter Abandoned preface – The full PS5 game is coming in early 2022 – and a new trailer. Let’s see all the details.

First, let’s look at a new banner announcing that the dropped prelude to the first quarter of 2022 will come through the Blue Box Game Studios Twitter profile. In response to a user, the official account said the preface was a full game, not a demo or trailer. It’s a complete experience, however it does not seem right at any level.

Blue Box Game Studios says it will share more information about this Abandoned preface At the site we know it will be a PS5 game with its own PS5 file system. So it has to be a “serious” one, not a simple interactive experience with advertising purposes.

The abandoned team also claims to have completed a job New trailer It is available within the application: Currently, however, there are no specific release dates. We have to wait for the news.

Abandoned in the summer was on everyone’s lips, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. The game announcement was postponed several times, with the team eventually sharing only the smallest teaser that was worthless. Earlier, it was rumored that the team was actually a cover for Hideo Kojima.

We also know that abandonment is not a real horror, “this is not what you think”: details of an interview.