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Samsung service restricted: Users must respond quickly - otherwise there is a risk of data loss

Samsung service restricted: Users must respond quickly – otherwise there is a risk of data loss

Surprise for many customers Samsung Was good. The Korean electronics company announced in February ATurn off part of its cloud service. Samsung stores photos and videos in the cloud with remote effects, especially for those who use Samsung smartphones.

“We are updating our schedule to the end of the gallery sync function,” Samsung said in an email to affected customers over the weekend. The date has now been changed to three months to ensure that customers have enough time to migrate or download their data. In detail, the new table offers two key dates, which you should notice if you still have photos and videos stored in the Samsung cloud.

If you do not respond in a timely manner, you may lose data

The bad news: From September 30, 2021, Samsung will begin deleting all photos and videos stored in the cloud. Anyone who reacts and transfers their data to another online service or stores it in a physical data carrier will lose their virtual memory irrevocably.

You can still use Microsoft Automatic Transfer to OneDrive until July 31st. Important: If you select this service, all synced / saved gallery and drive data will be deleted from the Samsung Cloud upon transfer. If you choose to download data stored in the cloud instead, you can still access all the files stored in Samsung’s online storage for another 60 days, but only until September 30th.

From the end of September, the Samsung Cloud will only be available in a slim-down format. Only low data hungry content such as notes, contacts or calendar inputs can be stored. You may sync more of this type of content in the future if you switch from an old cell phone to a new Samsung smartphone.

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