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First game with 8K and 60fps for PlayStation 5

First game with 8K and 60fps for PlayStation 5

“The Tourist” is the first 8K game with 60fps for PlayStation 5

The first game with its own 8K and 60fps with “The Tourist” is available for the PlayStation 5. The PS5 currently does not yet have an update that will open 8K functionality.

If the game or its name is familiar, “The Tourist” has long been associated with the Xbox and PlayStation consoles and the Windows and Nintendo Switch. Game developer Shin’n Entertainment has now developed the action-adventure puzzler, which features Voxel graphics and light and shadow effects calculated in real time and applied to the next level of ultra HD quality. To our surprise, the manufacturer claims that “The Tourist” runs at its own 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320 pixels) at 60 fps (full frames per second).

Waiting for 8K update (circle with VRR)

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 5 does not yet support 8K resolution via HDMI 2.1, although this feature was promoted prominently in the box. So thanks to developer Shin’s Entertainment for using the four-fold 4K resolution to super-sample anti-nickname. This means that the displays are rendered in 8K and then reduced to 4K (3840 x 2160) and re-enabled. This ensures completely smooth edges and a “clean” look.

Once the Sony Interactive Entertainment 8K functionality is activated through the firmware update, players will be able to display naturally rendered images on a compatible 8K screen. We hope that features like VRR (variable update rate) will go into the console within it. Because it can occur with a 3rd person title like “The Tourist”, this should significantly reduce image clutter and streaks.

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The PS5 has an edge on the “Tourist”

A revised version of “The Tourist” is also available for the new Microsoft Xbox Series X console. It also uses Super Samling for the upgraded 4K display, but at 6K (5,760 x 3,240) instead of the 8K resolution. The reason for not being able to recreate “The Tourist” on the Xbox Series X8K @ 60 Hz may be due to the graphics unit (GPU) design, although the console’s performance is actually higher than the PS5 on paper. Although the Xbox Series X relies on a “wider” design with multiple computing units (CUs), they all run on the same frequency, and the PS5 can run individual CUs at higher frequencies. In addition, the control of memory is different. According to Shin’n, the graphics make a difference in this game. But Microsoft has not yet announced any plans to support games in 8K.

Comparative pictures of games on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 – both with a super model, can be found at the source of the article. Here you can clearly see that 8K DownSampling offers excellent anti-aliasing. “The Tourist” is currently only available for download on the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Shop: