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Samsung launches new Sport World mobile app - Samsung Newsroom Germany

Samsung launches new Sport World mobile app – Samsung Newsroom Germany

Samsung enables multi-stream functionality with NativeWaves

The game and its stories express a passion that goes far beyond the television films that are often shown. Interesting stats and impressive perspectives can be gained a lot from sports. In order to accurately deliver these features to its users, Samsung has developed the new Sport World mobile app with multi-stream functionality, which transcends the boundaries between TV transmission and smartphone display. It can create synchronized contacts, which greatly stabilizes the game world.

Samsung has already proven that modern television technologies and sports entertainment go hand in hand with the launch of its ‘Made for Germany’ program. On this foundation, Samsung is making the next attempt by introducing the new Sport World mobile app. . Intuitive platform, which initially runs through a pilot phase from early July to the end of September, expands the attractive content package for Samsung TVs with the German model code1 And offers its users easy access to a variety of game content, highlights and messages.

All information at a glance and different live options

The Sportworld mobile app summarizes the great information about the upcoming game highlights in a concise form by meeting the needs of its users up to seven days before the actual event starts. This way, users can see at a glance when the next match will take place and from which provider. Users can easily determine which games they want to preview using the integrated filter function.

Once the game or race has started, the Sportworld mobile app offers a wide variety of live options that ensure a variety of gaming experience. In this way, for example, you can check the rows of teams parallel to sporting events or follow live analyzes. Developed by technology partner NativeWaves, the free multi-stream functionality gives users the option to sync their Samsung Smart TV with the Sport World mobile app. Finally, while the competition is still running on the TV screen, the most exciting scenes can be updated via the “Events” section.

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Easy to set up and ready to go

“Through the Sport World mobile app, we offer our users an attractive added value that equally enriches our TV portfolio and the ‘Made for Germany’ project,” says Mike Henkelman, Marketing Consumer Electronics Director at Samsung Electronics GmbH. “If you can not get enough games in high resolution quality, you will find real pleasure in the new game app from Samsung.”

It is also easy to set up as it uses intuitive extra camera perspectives and additional information like the Sports World mobile app. Interested users only need to download the free app from the App Store. The next step is to open the Sport World TV app on your Samsung TV. There they scan the QR code with a compatible smartphone. Once access is enabled you can increase the size of your TV to connect your smartphone to the Samsung TV via audio recording. The synchronization between the smartphone and the TV is finally confirmed by comparing the audio signal, which is five seconds.

Enjoy selected content via multiple stream

At the start of the application, selected game broadcasts from the Sport Digital Foosball channel will initially be available for the new multi-stream. With this in mind, users can enjoy about 40 football matches, the Confederations Cup Gold Cup and the Korean K-League and other game content in a variety of ways.

Christoph Haslower, CEO and Founder of NativeWaves, responsible for the technology behind Advanced MultiStream, expects to launch the app:

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“We are thrilled to have Samsung Smart TV customers in Germany able to view customized content on their devices. Our technology provides broadcasters a reliable way to retain viewers by providing uninterrupted additional content on smartphones and tablets. Owners of Samsung smart TVs can now enjoy this synchronized multi-stream experience with selected live game events in the Sport World app on their mobile device. “

1 Since the Sports World mobile app and all its features are only compatible with the Samsung Smart TV from the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 model years, their owners benefit from the exclusive benefit package.