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Offers to be offered in the summer of 2021

Offers to be offered in the summer of 2021

Phone company Kena Mobile attracts many users with its great offers. Let’s see in detail what he proposes this summer

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The world Cell phone There have been a lot of changes in recent years, if before that the scene was dominated by only a few big giants, others took office Company Than theirs Interesting projects They have developed some very important alternatives.

One of them Got mobile It receives various accolades for its combination of convenience and reliability. There are three in this position Offers are available, Which may be a benefit promotion Especially to say the least.

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Kena Mobile: Three exciting offers forever

In fact, by inviting a friend, Kena refunds 5 euros. Join them Up to 10 friends for a total of 50 euros. In detail, let’s see Discounts.

  • Promotion of new numbers: Unlimited minutes and text messages, browse up to 50 Gigabyte 30 Mbps on 4G network. All costs 7.99 euros per month, which includes 4.99 euro SIM activation costs. The program lasts forever, so you can benefit as long as you want once implemented.
  • Offer for Iliad, Post Mobile and Lycamobile customers: Unlimited minutes and SMS, browse up to 100kg 60Mbps on 4G. The monthly cost is 99 9.99 per month and does not include any additional additions to the implementation.
  • Proposal for all other operators: Unlimited voice and SMS traffic to call any operator, 70kg on 4G network, browse the web up to 60Mbps for 12.99 euros per month. The rate is valid forever and there are no operating costs.
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So, not only Iliad (Its offers are really populous), there is one of the most popular managers in the summer Got mobile, Although it is still less well known, is slowly sculpting its place Telephone operators.