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Dealing with AfD in the Bundestock: Legal - Political - Do Not Allow All Yourself

Dealing with AfD in the Bundestock: Legal – Political – Do Not Allow All Yourself

This time the election of the committee chairs in Bundestag received special public attention, otherwise these elections would not have taken place. Of the three committees for internal affairs, health and development cooperation, only the AfD candidates voted not to vote. AfD immediately became formally angry about a breach of the rule. The committees map out the responsibilities of the respective ministries and are also their controllers.

The position of the interior committee fell to the AfD because others did not take action

According to the Bundestock laws, the “rules of procedure” are agreed upon by the respective chair of the Council of Elders. In fact, this is how parliamentary committee managers come to an agreement in advance. If that does not work, parliamentary committees take turns taking turns, with the chairman of the budget committee traditionally going to the largest opposition. The key leader of the Interior Committee came under the control of the AfD because other positions were more important to government departments. With that MP Martin Hess stood on top of a police officer. To say the good about him: There are bad allies in his section.

The argument that it is a secret thing is an excuse

It is difficult to ban MPs from voting. So what the big anti-AfD coalition did there may be legitimate. But the referendum to reduce a group leader to date in 2019 is particularly about the person of AfD politician Stephen Brandner and his barbarism, and the absence of an election this year aims to send a more general signal.

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Hess was said to have been in a security risk as the group handled important constitutional security items. But it was pushed forward because Hess and other AfD interior team members were already dealing with things like this in their technical work. The work of the leader is an organizational matter, so there are no risks. Incidentally, the AfD is part of the Bundestag’s Secret Service Control Group.

It is difficult to overestimate this process as a democratic force

As a result, exceptions to the established rules were allowed only for the code “Block AfD where possible”. Posting of election law on the committee for this purpose is not prohibited; Majority policy applies. However, it is difficult to overestimate the strength of democracy in this parliamentary frontier. It is not just for AfD that AfD can use its lament to lament that it has fallen victim to “old parties”.