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Why can't we see the most widespread living creatures on the planet?

Why can’t we see the most widespread living creatures on the planet?

By 2020, the world population on Earth will be 7.8 billion people. It can be trusted to be the most widespread species on the planet. The magnitude of the error is well understood if we consider this matter Life. 95% is represented by one species, plant one, while only 0.03% is the species we belong to, animal. The percentage represented by man is innumerable. But why can’t we see the most widespread living creatures on the planet?

Cognitive disorder blinds us

Why can’t we conceive plants as creatures? Neuroscientists have studied this phenomenon. This is plant blindness, plant blindness. Origin depends on the evolution of the human brain and its limited ability to process data. To deepen this point it is necessary to consider the evolutionary selection made by animals: hunting. The brain finds itself in a position to quickly select the information necessary for survival. Like the ability to find a hunter in time. The mind knew that the plants posed no danger and considered it exclusively as the lush backdrop of its habitat.

Why does this algorithm represent a disadvantage to human survival today?

What was once a necessity is now a defect, endangering human survival. One big misconception is not to consider the energy generated by the plant world. It was able to sustain the harmful effects of climate change, predatory activity and atmospheric agents. Fire retention and malnutrition exist today.

The sixth mass extermination is underway

At an unprecedented rate, extinction affects not only animals but also plant species due to biodiversity loss. Intensive exploitation of lands and Non-renewable resources This severely affects the balance of the planet. Many international organizations, seed banks and botanical gardens are collaborating with each other to counter the general apathy towards the plant world. Only by learning from the evolutionary techniques implemented by the plant world can man gain the confidence to sustain himself. This explains why we do not see the most widespread living creatures on the planet.

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