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Samsung Cloud closes its doors: Back up your photos

Samsung Cloud closes its doors: Back up your photos

It’s been 5 years since the launch of Samsung Cloud. Like many companies at the time, Samsung thought it would be a good idea to launch its own cloud storage service.

Samsung will delete Samsung cloud data next month

This year, the brand decided to complete its Samsung cloud storage service. The company has already removed the service from several features and is now preparing to complete data download support next month. Prior to that, the Korean company sent emails to Samsung Cloud users, reminding them of the imminent deadline.

According to an email posted on September 30, Gallery sync And this Stock drive Samsung Cloud is no longer supported and data will be deleted. The schedule for stopping the service is also in the mail. This will therefore mark the end of September “Firm Abandonment of End Features”, Confirms email.

Note Deadline May vary by region or user group. Samsung has already set two separate deadlines for the two groups, September 30 for Group 1 and November 30 for Group 2. But, unfortunately, it is not clear which region or country belongs to which group. The latest report comes from the Daily Express, so it could target users in the UK. However, users from other regions may also belong to Group 1.

How to Download Samsung Cloud Data?

When Samsung first announced the termination of the cloud, it gave users the option to move their data OneDrive From Microsoft. But Group 1 users are no longer supported. So there is only local data download, but the process is not very complicated.

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The easiest way to download Samsung Cloud data from Galaxy smartphone. To do this, go to Settings >> Accounts & Backup and search for Samsung Cloud (which is usually found in the “Others” section below). Once in the Samsung Cloud, a button “Data Download” The above will allow transfer and backup.

However, for users who do not have enough storage capacity on the phone, it is necessary to download the Samsung Cloud data to the system. You can go to the official Samsung Cloud website and go to the gallery to download the data.

Samsung did not completely cover the Samsung cloud. It will constantly store users’ contacts, calendar, documents and notes. But photos and videos can no longer be saved.

So for those who want to switch to another cloud storage service or want to back up data locally, it is necessary to make a decision before November 30th. No further extensions are likely after this.

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