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Seagate Fireguda 530 2TB Review: A Serious Hope SSD

Seagate Fireguda 530 2TB Review: A Serious Hope SSD

Suffice it to say that Seagate is targeting the top of the basket with this SSD, its theoretical speed is reported at 7.3 Gb / s for continuous reading and 6.9 Gb / s for writing. The promise of continued access is even greater with 1 million IOPS reading and writing. Under Criterion, The results will vary depending on the test method. Without a heat sink, in a closed case, the Fireguda 530 quickly reaches its thermal limits and reduces its flow. However, with 7.4 Gb / s reading it is higher – which is huge – and “only” writes 5.2 Gb / s. The results are already one of the best. By pasting the heatsink, the components will be around 50 C and the promised write performance will reach 6.9 Gb / s. There it transcends MP600 Pro For example, from Corsair.

In a larger file array (64GB), this model’s significant thermal controls control performance, but this does not prevent it from being ahead of such direct competitors. Corsair MP600 Pro And MSI Spadium M480. Consecutively, we read an average of 4.2 GB / s and write 5.7 GB / s.

Finally, our manual copy tests give excellent results (1.85 Gb / s reading and 1.8 Gb / s writing). Although it is ahead of the WD Black SN850, the FireCuda 530 is behind Corsair MP600 Pro.

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