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Sales started, all Bethesda games for Xbox and PC on offer -

Sales started, all Bethesda games for Xbox and PC on offer –

The Quacon 2021 2021 will take place from 19th to 21st August. As the event approaches, Bethesda decides to start a round Sale In his full list, with Discounts Up to 85%. Sales are active on the Steam, GeoG, Stadia and Microsoft Store and are valid for PC, Stadia and Xbox. Unfortunately, it seems that the PlayStation Store did not allow itself to be involved in this effort.

Offers include all owners of Bethesda. For example, you can take Home Doom Eternal in the deluxe version for Do 22.49 instead of Do 89.99 (-75%); Prey for 11.99 instead of € 29.99 (-60%); Ish lost 2 for 4.49 instead of 29.99 (-85%); Wolfenstein II: New Colossus 8. 29.99 instead of 99 8.99 and (- 70%) and RAGE 2 99 39.99 (-70%) instead of 99 11.99, to name a few.

Point it out too GOG Classic titles not found in other stores are offered, namely Elder Scrolls Legend: Bottlesfire and Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redcard. They are not unforgettable masterpieces, but some curious ones may find them interesting, especially since they each cost 2.59.

Quacon is an event established by IT software and then absorbed and maintained by Bethesda, where more and more announcements are made about the products in the pipeline in the studios of the American publisher owned by Microsoft. Who knows if something will be announced this year, maybe a new earthquake … it will be the perfect opportunity to do just that.