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Motherboard manufacturers are releasing updates to make Windows 11 compatible

DL; TR: The need for DPM 2.0 in Windows 11 Some users are confused as to whether their systems will be compatible when the new operating system is released later this year. Now, those who have created custom sites with Asus or Asrak motherboards can download BIOS updates that will enable TPM by default if they are not already manually enabled. last month provided a lengthy explanation of what DPM is and why it is needed in Microsoft Windows 11. The security feature is something that most laptops or desktops offer. If built it should already be running by default. However, some users with custom versions may still experience a problem, which the motherboard manufacturers begin to fix.

TPM began as a dedicated chip for additional hardware protection on motherboards, but in recent years motherboards have begun to add firmware-based TPM (fTPM). If your newly built PC did not pass the Windows 11 readiness test or the Windows 10 settings security section does not show that TPM is enabled, you may need to change a system in the BIOS. It’s different for every BIOS, be it Asus, Asrak, Gigabyte or MSI.

Asus recently added a section on its website with download links for its latest BIOS version, which enables fTPM by default for all motherboards that ensure support for Windows 11. How to do it manually on the same site from Asus.

Asrock today also released FTPM-enabled BIOS updates. As of this writing, Gigabyte and MSI have not yet followed suit, but for some time they had lists of motherboards that were compatible with Windows 11. Gigabyte released a press release in July describing its fTPM compatibility limit.

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After enabling fTPM in the BIOS, Windows 10 users should see TPM appear in settings under Windows Security> Device Security> Security Processor.