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Sales of Hirol Warriors are growing ~ Pokemon Millennium

Sales of Hirol Warriors are growing ~ Pokemon Millennium

The Sale of Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster Growing up: Video game publisher announces, Koi Techmo. The Financial statement Published April 26, 2021 In fact it indicates that the security has been sold Beyond 3.7 million Copies Worldwide. This figure includes both Physical copies Than that Digital, Is slightly higher than the record number reached a few months ago. TO January 2021, Herol Warriors: The age of disaster is really over 3.5 million Unity, officially becomes Musa ou Best selling ever.

Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster, video game released November 20, 2020, It is a Shortcut It mixes the world and the characters The legend of Zelda, One of Nintendo’s flagship titles, along with the series’ gameplay Dynasty Warriors, Published by Koi Techmo. In this preface to the events The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath, Link and Princess Zelda They must mobilize allies to prevent the catastrophic Canon and his comrades who are trying to destroy the kingdom of Hirol.

Between July and August 2021 Koi Techmo will release another Financial statement, This method focused on the results 2021 first quarter. Exploring the current pace of sales growth of Hirol Warriors, the Japanese company is celebrating new records next summer!

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