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The Voice of the Snake speaks of a metal gear solid comeback

The Voice of the Snake speaks of a metal gear solid comeback

Rumor has it that the metal gear license will be returned … Today, it tells us that David Hatter, the original voice of the snake (before it was replaced by Kiefer Sutherland), may be a remake of the Metal Gear Solid original again. He revealed this information during an interview with YouTuber Dan Allen.

“I thought it was a rumor. Until I got a message from someone close to the studio, they told me that they had heard internal rumors that this remake was a sure thing.”

Hatter notes that this remake will be scheduled on current generation consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Like we said, this is not the first remake Metal Gear SolidIt was licensed for a best-selling remake on GameCube in 2004. Metal Gear Solid: Double Snakes. Hatter also notes that during this first remake, it was necessary to re-record all voices, as the quality of the original recordings on the PlayStation was not of an acceptable quality. He thinks it will be the same for this possible new remake because even though everything was redone in 2004, it can no longer meet the current standards. We are aware that Konami has recently filed names for Castelvania and Metal Gear Rising and the studio is considering transferring its licenses to other developers … Here)

Can this rumor become a reality in E3? You can listen to David Hatter’s interview in the video here: