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sakuna of rice and rain date de sortie switch

Sakuna: Rice and destruction: Unexpected victory

Every week Top selling games From Japan Famitsu Demonstrates the growing importance of third-party publishers Nintendo. Intuitively we can think Capcom With him Monster Hunter Rice In all records, Microsoft With him Minecraft Very stable or even Gonami With Momotoro Dentets: Showa, Haisi, Reiva Mo. Deepan!, Another publisher stands out in particular: Wonderful. We know the latter especially after the releases Rune Factory, Its fifth episode last week in Japan on the hybrid machine or the latest Stoy of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. However, the publisher surprised their world by releasing a refreshing title at the end of 2020: Rice and the omen of destruction.

During its financial statements last May, Wonderful When the results were discontinued the title was reported to have sent more than 950,000 copies worldwide, i.e. by March 31st. When menu Millions of copies sold Now Expired, Game Developer, Studio Edelweiss, Initially, indicates sales targets Rice and the omen of destruction The developer and his publisher are completely different in counting sales 30 000 copies Title. Game released Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 And PC So, it has managed to create an amazing title this year, which was poorly presented in 2020, and has established itself as one of the third-party successes, especially on these publishing sites. Nintendo Switch.

For your part, you should be tempted by a bizarre plan Rice and the omen of destruction Combining its paddy cultivation into a 3D system and a two-dimensional action-site?

Pandey Annons de Saguna of rice and destruction

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