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DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

A Teen Hero Day – DC Superhero Girls: Teen Power – Nintendo Releases Endover Release Trailer

Periods when only Superman and Batman were present Superhero In Comics Have been around for a long time. Meanwhile, defenders of justice see their abilities in crawling animals or metals. Nowadays there are also those who have been under-represented for a long time Female heroes In the Marvel and DC universes. These are by no means inferior to their male counterparts.

You can now see the fact that heroes also start small DC Superhero Girls: Teen Power Experience. In this Nintendo Switch title, you have the opportunity to play with six teenage girls including Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Badgirl. In addition to the fact that each heroine usually beats the villains with his own talents, you can explore different parts of the city, help people and animals and recreate the destroyed parts of the city. At the time of release, today we can deliver to you the newsletter and new trailer for the Hero game.

Who is your favorite superhero?

Source: Nintendo Newsletter, YouTube (Nintendo DE)

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